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PBT Christies



Construction of the first Proton Beam Therapy Unit in the UK at the Christies Hospital, Manchester. Proton Beam Therapy or PBT is the most advanced and safest cancer treatment we have today. Proton radiotherapy is a type of particle therapy that uses a beam of protons to eradicate diseased tissue and is the most highly advanced way of treating cancers without damaging tissues around the tumours.

External access scaffold built in 2.00m high lift(s) with a series of inside board movement(s) for a number of trades using the access to construct the multi-clad building envelope, using transom units to allow omission of ledger bracing and telescopic transoms to allow the quick transformation of the inside board configuration. Access was provided by external access scaffolding and mast climbers. The more challenging elevation(s) adjacent to the live hospital areas were accessed by external access scaffold(s).

  Due to the PBT building unit being built within the current hospital footprint, we were unable to ground various elevation(s). Therefore we had to beam over adjacent hospital building(s) using suitably braced beaming bridges spanning the low-level roofs, which were designed by our in house design team.