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Evaporator D



Constructed to reduce the volume of highly active liquor, Sellafield’s most radioactive waste product, Evaporator D reduces liquor volume enabling the transformation to glass form and safe storage. Once fully operational, Sellafield’s two older evaporators will be decommissioned.

Our main scope of works was to provide scaffolding solutions which included a temporary steel roof to the 85m high building. The majority of works were conducted from a boom type MEWP, with the installation of the support brackets either side of the cell on the corbel faces. With the MEWP unable to reach to the back of the cell from it’s street positioning we erected a hanging scaffold, that sat on the corbel at the top of the cell, meaning operators could safely install the remaining brackets.

We instigated and delivered the hanging scaffold of a 920 cell project, considerably reducing the risk to our employees and a cost saving to the project, whilst keeping the focus on critical milestones within the new build program. Throughout this new build project, all critical milestones were met.