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Teesside Fabrication Shop



Our own state of the art fabrication shop in Teesside manufactures high volume insulation and cladding solutions for clients across the UK. With over 100 years of combined experience, our fully qualified team cut, roll, bolt, weld and install our materials to create bespoke and off the shelf products for our clients in the food manufacturing, brewing, chemical process and production as well as energy from waste industries.

Businesses are looking for more cost effective solutions to improve working environments. From waste bins, storage boxes and canopies through to insulation, cladding, ventilation and ductwork, coupled with a multi-service offer including scaffolding, access, fabrication and installation.

    We are expert manufacturers of:
  • Insulation and cladding
  • Cabinets
  • Canopies
  • Chimneys and flue work
  • Cooker hoods
  • Flange boxes and jackets
  • Flashing and trims
  • Site storage boxes
  • Spillage bunds and drip trays
  • Storage heaters and storage tanks
  • Strainers boxes and jackets
  • Tanks boxes and jackets
  • Turbines insulation and jackets
  • Valves insulation and jackets
  • Ventilation ductwork
  • Vessels insulation and ductwork
  • Waste bins
  • Weather protection

We pride ourselves on looking beyond the standard methods of insulation, cladding and storage, identifying and developing improved solutions amid an economy of new regulations, more stringent safety guidelines and tighter financial margins.