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Woodfield Road, Altrincham



This site was previously developed prior to the 2008 financial crisis and stood dormant for over eight years. The existing concrete transfer deck was utilised for the construction of two No. four-storey timber frame construction blocks which consisted of thirty-two apartments and nine townhouses.

  Built to the highest possible specification, the external access scaffold was built fully boarded using our HAKI system scaffolding. Access was provided initially for the timber frame construction, then subsequently for the external brickworks and roofing subcontractors. Fifty-six car park spaces were made available beneath the concrete transfer deck. The development was built in very close proximity to adjacent neighbouring properties, ultimately making the site extremely short on working space due to the project being delivered on the total footprint available.

As the previously erected concrete transfer deck was being utilised, additional structural supports had to be installed beneath the transfer deck to transfer the self-weight of the external access scaffold and any imposed load applied thereon down to the ground level.