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Glasgow Airport



We were engaged to provide encapsulation and access to the front of Airbus models A319, A320 and A321, to enable our client to install a new Wi-Fi system to the aircraft. The works had to be carried out over the winter period when the airline operated a reduced service. It was critical that our works were carried out during a short period of time, ensuring the client could maximise the time available to undertake their operation.

We designed and provided a freestanding scaffold structure incorporating the provision of safe access to the top of the fuselage area and cabin door, complete with weatherproof encapsulation to protect the front of the aircraft. The design included a number of critical dimensions, ensuring the aircraft could manoeuvre safely in and out of the temporary enclosure, whilst maintaining unobstructed access to the cargo doors. Due to the position on the aircraft of the Wi-Fi installation, the scaffold had to be cantilevered over the engine areas to provide suitable working platforms.

The timing of the project provided an additional challenge for the design team with the requirement to consider increased wind and snow loads. The design also had to incorporate beam-work support to house bins of scaffold fittings to act as kentledge to stabilise the scaffold.