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Swivel Base Jacks

Adjustable swivel base jack. Length overall: 0.65m Adj Range: 0.50m Weight: 5Kg



The Swivel Base Jack provides a means to provide angled support and secure all types of system scaffolding in a variety of installations, other uses includes marine, formwork and falsework applications.

The Jack is manufactured from high tensile tube and supplied with a heavy duty “double podger” collar, to give the stem a safe working load of 6 tonnes in compressive loading.

Technical Information

  • Size 38.1mm x 4.88mm x 650mm long
  • Adjustment range: 500mm (4TPI Acme Thread)
  • Base plate 150 x 150 x 6mm & Locking nut
  • Collar:J-01 Double Podger


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