QSHE Management System

Strong commitment to Quality, Safety, Health, Environment & Energy (QSHE & Energy)

The Enigma Industrial Services Integrated Management System is certificated by the British Standards Institute to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System, ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System & ISO50001:2018 Energy Management System. Providing safe environments for our people and visitors across all our sites is the number one priority for the organisation. With this in mind demonstrating our commitment to having a strong and robust quality, safety, health & environment (QSHE) management system is at the heart of our business and is testament to our ongoing dedication to building and enhancing our QSHE & Energy Culture.

Project Summary – Fulfilling the needs of the business

The Enigma Industrial Services QSHE management system solution enables the company to manage quality, safety & health and environmental functions to include recording, organising, communicating and the follow-through of all incidents that may arise.

The QSHE management system solution fulfils several criteria including functionality, compliance, financial investment, innovation and integrity of the data which assists in improving processes, reducing costs and preventing incidents from happening in the future.

QSHE management system simplifies record management, enhances the ability to analyse problems, assists in preventing errors and improves operational efficiency. Implementing the QSHE management system solution was pivotal in defending potential incident claims. QSHE provides an effective risk management tool with the ability to efficiently audit & monitor the system and organisation data records.

qshe management system eims scaffolding sevron construction industry sectorGoals
  • Consistently meeting customer requirements.
  • Consistently managing internal requirements.
  • Consistently managing external requirements. e.g. the effective allocation of resources.
Our Approach
  • Data integrity - the maintenance of, and the assurance of the accuracy and consistency of data.
  • Accountability & responsibility - improve ownership to ensure end-users information was accurate and measured regularly.
  • Passage of Information - quick response to and from the end-user in the event of errors or assistance requirements.
The Results
  • Proactive Incident Reporting - over 4000 Positive Interventions reported annually.
  • Accountability & responsibility - improved site management ownership of QSHE activities.
  • Transparency of Information - interactive, simple to understand and real-time information providing a clear view of the statistics and critical task executions.
Implementing the QSHE management system has resulted in many long-term commercial gains and benefits, for example:
  • Achieve organisational goals
  • Reduce costly errors and wastage
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Market the company more effectively
  • Manage growth more effectively
  • Improve documentation availability
  • Correct issues to continually improve products and services
  • Create a culture of quality & safety
  • Embed vision into all projects
  • Enhanced internal communications
  • Consistent products (outputs)
  • Effectively measure performance of individuals and teams
  • Improve compliance
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