Risk Management

The QSHE electronic management system solution fully integrating the risk management processes, from identifying and assessing risk business-wide, to assigning and monitoring risk mitigation plans. QSHE also assists with creating indepth reports and defining long-term strategy for enhanced performance.

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Management Reporting Features
  • The dashboard clearly displays a summary of risk assessments, published, unpublished, due in 30 days and expired with a clear identify number.
  • Dashboard search function to identify substances and be aware of all submitted SDS requests and Safety Data Sheet document updates.
Features & Benefits
  • Plan - Identify, analyse and evaluate risk
  • Do - Proactively manage risk with complete data capture, intuitive workflow and consolidated documentation.
  • Check - Improve collaboration and transparency reviewing risk assessments for compliance and control objectives.
  • Act - Consolidate all actions into streamlined milestones with the ability to track progress and set auto-reminders.
Risk Management Access

QSHE provides structured access to designated personnel with various access rights dependent on competence and requirement, for example:
  • Read Only – Individuals can only read authorised information to do so within their hierarchy.
  • Administrator – Can record but not publish information within their hierarchy.
  • Risk Assessor - Can record and publish information within their hierarchy.
  • Manager – Can record, publish information and create folders within their hierarchy.
  • Owner – Manages the QSHE platform on behalf of the company.
  • Improve performance.
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external standards.
  • Engage with risk assessors and workforce.
  • Continuously update risk assessment libraries.
  • Advanced consistent clear risk-awareness throughout the business.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Safeguard company reputation.
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