Barratt Homes - Brackenhill View Development


Provision of Kwikstage system scaffolding for new Barratt Homes development in South Lanarkshire providing a modern living environment for families with a mixture of 3 & 4 bedroom properties. The residential housing development benefits from excellent transport links and is situated 2 miles away from Hamilton town centre.

Property Development Barratt Homes Kwikstage System Scaffolding

Project Summary

Enigma Industrial Services provide Kwikstage system scaffolding to enable the quick and efficient construction of property on-site by providing a mixture of new and refurbished stock to the client.

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Value Engineering

Enigma remains committed to maintaining a Kwikstage refurbishment program throughout 2021 and 2022. This enables the organisation to provide cost-effective rates and ensure necessary stock is always available in circulation throughout the UK to keep client’s projects on schedule.

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