Industrial Services

Enigma is a leading temporary access & industrial services provider supporting client’s sites with installation, maintenance, refurbishment, decommissioning, and replacement of machinery on their infrastructure sites. Our in-house Design and Engineering Team have specialist expertise supporting projects within the Industrial Manufacturing, Power Generation, Food Manufacturing, Nuclear, and Chemical / Petrochemical sectors. That’s gained from assisting clients with accessing complex or large-scale structures during outage shutdowns, residual maintenance, and cyclic/emergency repair schedules. We have years of experience operating in locations that demand strict methods of work and hold highly sensitive conditions. The Enigma approach is always to limit any risks whilst offering the very best solution based on our clients’ requirements. Our internal teams collaborate with clients and share ideas to overcome complex challenges by implementing economical cost-effective solutions.

We can provide a single supplier solution, and our cost-effective industrial service solutions can be delivered individually or seamlessly integrated as multi-disciplined packages to minimise on-site interfaces for customers.

Our comprehensive range of temporary access and industrial services support clients with:

  • Assembly of Industrial plants
  • Asbestos ancillary access
  • Containment and encapsulation
  • Access for tanks, silos & hoppers
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Protective coating applications
  • Steelwork construction
  • Installation of plant machinery
  • Insulation works
  • Plant and machine set-ups
  • Commissioning/Decommissioning
  • Transformer & generator installations
  • Plant relocation and overhaul
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Overhauling plant machinery
  • Plant surveying and inspection
  • Hazardous material removal
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Dismantling equipment
  • Large-scale Infrastructure installations

Enigma operates one of the UK’s largest scaffolding asset bases and provides nationwide coverage with over 1000 employees. We additionally support clients with project scheduling, personnel resourcing, management, materials procurement, surveying, and coordination. Our in-house QSHE team provide continuous project monitoring with work safety and quality management systems for peace of mind.

Industrial Services Solutions

Industrial Services thermal insulation tica hot cold cladding heat transfer engineers enigma

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation reduces heat transfer from pipework and equipment and once installed helps to preserve energy and stop heat loss to improve the efficiency of industrial processes. The thermal insulation services we provide help industrial sites to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint CO2 emissions to protect the environment while improving site safety by protecting personnel from exposure to extreme temperatures. Our experience detecting and dealing with corrosion under insulation “CUI” has helped our clients avoid costly emergency repairs, plant downtime and lost production time. We focus on ensuring our trained teams of Thermal Insulation Engineers have the necessary skillsets and professional experience to efficiently detect and resolve such matters.

Enigma installs bespoke customised solutions for the efficient isolation of heat-generating applications and or cold processes to improve process reliability. Usually, the thickness of insulation installed around pipework is defined by the thermal requirements and can be further optimised to avoid crystallisation or coagulation of media inside pipes. Thermal insulation is suitable for keeping material cool and creating an anti-freezing system to protect water lines or emergency fire water line pipework.

Enigma’s in-house fabrication facility support thermal insulation projects with a wide range of metal cladding solutions for pipework, fittings, tanks, vessels, and plant equipment to further protect installations. We support clients with thermal insulation applications at Power Generation, Petrochemical, Natural Gas Storage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biomass, Food Processing, and Industrial Manufacturing plants throughout the UK. Additionally, we operate on LNG storage/processing plants and implement cold insulation applications for piping, vessels, and tanks.

Enigma Industrial Services are active members of TICA the sole UK Trade Association representing contractors involved in the application of hot and cold thermal insulation.

Industrial Services protective coatings corrosion protection painting rust prevention maintenance

Protective Coatings

Enigma has specialist in-depth knowledge and expertise in the supply and application of protective coatings on surface substrates within the industrial sector. To help protect buildings, plant, and infrastructure from weathering, chemical abrasion and corrosion that can significantly reduce their operational lifespan.

Scheduled cyclic protective coating application programmes provide the following benefits: visual appearance improvements, corrosion resistance, and assist with the longevity of your infrastructure to maximise your work equipment investment, thus minimising future maintenance costs. Enigma’s in-house coating specialists understand surface preparation technology for all surface substrates commonly found in or around industrial sites and can safely operate in highly regulated, complex environments.

We further support industrial clients with blasting, surface preparation surveying and analysis services.

Industrial Services cleaning facilities management pipework plant ducting equipment work at height

Industrial Cleaning

Enigma is a specialist industrial cleaning contractor, well-positioned to support clients with any hard-to-access or cleaning-at-height requirements that may require platforms and scaffolding on industrial sites.

We currently provide daily cleaning, one-off, and periodic cleaning schedules on industrial sites to remove dust and dirt from pipework, plant, ducting and equipment. Our operatives deliver compliant services for dusting, wipe-downs, and sterilisation activities to support maintenance or specialist outage cleaning requirements.

Additionally, we provide specialist high-level deep cleaning to remove hazardous substances or contaminants from surfaces and assist food/beverage manufacturers with cleaning production line equipment to remove contaminants that risk the quality and safety of products. Also, removing dust and dirt from plant equipment and infrastructure helps to reduce depreciation and maintenance costs by extending the operational working lifespan.

On behalf of our clients, we can dispose of waste materials by following the appropriate regulations and forward for recycling when applicable. Enigma provides onsite Facilities Management ‘soft services’ including general office cleaning duties, to further support client sites.

Please submit your project details or call: 0330 678 1199 for more information.