Pennywell Living


The Pennywell Living development is part of Edinburgh council’s 21st Century Homes programme, and the site is one of Scotland’s largest housing-led regeneration projects. The City of Edinburgh Council has invested £42m into the Pennywell project, which includes a £7.9m grant funded by the Scottish Government to deliver over 700 homes once completed. Architects and town planners Barton Willmore have designed energy-efficient housing sympathetic to the earlier phases on behalf of the developer Urban Union. The regeneration firm Urban Union is a partnership between Robertson and McTaggart Construction. Both organisations are working together to build high-quality, affordable homes to revitalise the local community.

Pennywell Urban living development regeneration project Edinburgh case study

Project Summary

To support the largest part of the project, Phase Three, to construct 315 homes (181 affordable and 134 private) for completion in 2023. Enigma has provided temporary access utilising HAKI System Scaffolding to build a mixture of apartments and houses. The erected scaffolds to construct flatted developments and various house types incorporate HAKI staircases, loading towers and stairwell scaffolds to promote safe-efficient working practices on-site during the construction and fit-out stages.

Value Engineering

HAKI modular system scaffolding is ideal for supporting fast-paced new build construction projects and can increase productivity on-site by up to 60% due to the unique quick, simple ‘hook-on’ method of erection. Additionally, the HAKI load-bearing ledger beam enables large bays to be utilised for maximum productivity on-site.

The value of the temporary access provision project is circa £400k.