Sellafield - Welfare Tent

Location: Seascale - Cumbria

Design and erection of bespoke scaffolding platform to safely support inflatable welfare tent, providing social distancing safe facilities for on-site workers. With Covid-19 social distancing measures still in place, organisations are searching for innovative solutions so their employees can return safely back to the workplace while maintaining Government guidance.

Before the March 2020 Lockdown, Sellafield Ltd had over 8,000 workers per day on-site. To enable employees and contractors to return safely on-site, building, office and welfare facilities needed rearranging to become compliant with Government guidelines at the multi-function nuclear site.

Sellafield Nuclear Power Station - On-site Social Distancing Welfare Tent

Project Summary

After implementing the Covid-19 safe working guidance, up to 4,500 employees returned to work on-site at Sellafield. In conjunction with a range of additional safety measures, and to facilitate safe welfare arrangements on site, Sellafield Ltd implemented an innovative solution by installing an inflatable welfare tent on site.

To ensure the welfare tent was installed safely, a flat surface foundation was required. Sellafield Ltd contacted their maintenance contract provider Mitie who, in turn, engaged with Enigma Industrial Services to design and erect a bespoke loading platform to fulfil the structural requirements specified by the inflatable building supplier. Enigma provided a comprehensive design solution within 3 days and handed over the compliant scaffold in just 4 days ensuring no disruption to site operations.

Sellafield nuclear facility onsite industrial services scaffolding enigma uk

Value Engineering

The structural solution had to be suitable at a low level to facilitate a live load of 5kN/m2. The finished design enabled a 13m x 16m loading platform to be erected, supported by over 14te of evenly spread kentledge to accommodate windspeeds of up to 55mph. Sellafield is planning to install additional inflatable buildings on-site, with Enigma Industrial Services selected for the scaffold design and erection of the required platforms.

Sellafield welfare tent social distancing scaffolding covid seascale