Elastomers Plant

Location: Grangemouth - Stirlingshire

Synthetic elastomers and lattices are manufactured onsite at the Grangemouth production plant from crude oil with the product primarily used within the automotive tyre industry.

Elastomers Plant Grangemouth case study scaffolding, protective coatings industrial painting cladding

Project Summary

Enigma has been awarded a 3-year scaffolding, insulation & painting contract at the Elastomers Plant located in Grangemouth. To include the provision of specialist industrial painting services, consisting of mechanical preparation, solvent washing and hand abrading to achieve ST2 grade surface preparation. Interplus 265 low VOC two-component epoxy primer is applied to provide an anti-corrosive barrier protection system. The high-performance industrial maintenance coating is applied with brushes and roller’s to achieve the correct wet and dry film coating thickness as per the paint manufacturers specification.

Elastomers Grangemouth scotland industrial services protective coatings scaffold

Value Engineering

Enigma Industrial Services assist at the Elastomers Plant with the renewal of identification signs on all equipment throughout the Grangemouth production facility to improve legibility. Currently, Enigma is conducting industrial painting activities to re-new the IDs on all plant equipment at the production facility to improve awareness of chemicals that are present and provide clear information on any associated hazards. By incorporating the main COSHH substance titles and hazard pictograms. The newly painted IDs have also helped to streamline the on-site permit to work process when placing control measures around plant items.

Elastomers Grangemouth automotive tyre industry corrosion protection