Meridian Bay Apartments

Location: Swansea

Located by the seafront and consisting of 87 apartments, the Meridian Bay Apartment block is part of the larger Meridian Quay. The blend of residential and commercial activities presented specific project demands by limiting any disruption caused to people living locally and or using the amenities. Enigma Industrial Services worked in close collaboration with the client and local authorities to provide a suitable access solution for all parties to undertake safe and considerate tasks.

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Project Summary

The project scope was to provide access to the apartment blocks so external refurbishment works could be undertaken, whilst residents remained living in the building. Due to this reason, additional strengthening measures and building infrastructure inspections were required. To ensure the access solution provided is suitable and able to accommodate changing specification and trades. A unique challenge with this project was its proximity to the Swansea Bay seafront and ever-changing weather conditions, which formed a significant part of the pre-construction plan.

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Value Engineering

Enigma designed and built a bespoke scaffolding solution to accommodate the repair works, consisting of an external independent scaffold, including HAKI staircase, beamwork over doorways, public access points, protection gantry over a shop-front and car park ramps where required. All of the Meridian Bay structures hold sub-basement parking that could not be disrupted throughout the project. The in-house design team worked closely with all parties to create a suitable design after completing a build and ability plan. The agreement produced a scheme solution that saved time and enhanced safety for the public and users of the access provision.


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