UKPN Service Contract

South East

UK Power Networks (UKPN) own and maintain electricity cables and lines across London, the South East and East of England to ensure power flows reliably, safely, and securely. The organisation serves over 20 million customers by ensuring the electricity supply is maintained on behalf of their provider.

Enigma has a long-standing service agreement to support UKPN with temporary access solutions for maintenance and emergency repair work to help quickly resolve power cuts throughout the network. We have provided UKPN with various access solutions to over 250 locations in the LPN and SPN areas of the framework. To support works at above and below-ground sub-stations, residential properties, electricity pylons and electrical equipment infrastructure.

Fully maintaining the electricity supply throughout the network is a demanding task and Enigma’s long-standing support partnership is based on being responsive during challenging emergencies. Enigma can react quickly to new temporary access requests and provide full area coverage to minimise network disruptions.

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Project Summary

A small selection of projects completed on behalf of UKPN

Project One
The heavy-duty loading bay, designed by our in-house design team, was erected to aid the installation of switch gear into the new switch room located at Verney Road, London. The project was a collaboration between UKPN, Clancy’s and Enigma, with the switch room built within a very tight construction programme.

Project Two
The scaffold was erected within a UKPN substation in Greenwich, London. So UKPN engineers could access the ceiling end busbars to remove and replace copper fittings. Enigma’s team erected the scaffolding by following TG20:21 operational guidance.

Project Three
Enigma erected a large birdcage scaffold for UKPN to surround the base of an electricity pylon straddling two residential properties in Sussex. So the pylon could be re-painted and have new sealing end replacements fitted. The project had many implementation challenges to overcome based on conformance to ensure the safety of the occupants living in the surrounding residential properties.

Project Four
HAKI stair tower installed at a substation in Hackney, East London. The temporary stair tower will remain in place to provide safe access/egress until a new permanent staircase is installed by UKPN to replace the previously removed structure.

Project Five – Emergency Response Service
To support emergency repair works at a residential property located in East Sussex. Enigma erected a scaffold within four hours of UKPN schedulers requesting temporary access. So they could quickly commence work to restore power for the customer.

Value Engineering

Enigma supported UKPN with temporary access provision to help repair extensive damage caused by a large fire underground in Central London. The cable fire started underneath Kingsway Road in an old disused underground tram line tunnel and quickly spread resulting in manholes aligning the street directly above, bursting open. Kingsway Road is a major route connecting High Holborne at its north end to the City of Westminster in the south.

Once the fire was safely distinguished, scaffolders equipped with rescue kits and specialist training to work within confined spaces went underground to erect numerous scaffolds.