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Providing safe environments for our people and visitors across all our sites is Enigma Industrial Services’ priority for the organisation. Demonstrating our commitment to having a strong and robust quality, safety, health, and environment (QSHE) management system, which is at the heart of our business, is essential. However, there are occasions when unplanned, unexpected, or unwanted events resulting in potential death, injury, ill health or damage occur, so it is essential for our management teams to be appropriately training in accident investigation.

In collaboration with our insurers QBE and e-learning training provider Human Focus International, Enigma-IS provided accident investigation training to 74 support and operational staff in two phases.

Phase 1

QBE Golden Hour online training, hosted by Human Focus, which is approved and certificated by The International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (iiRSM), was coordinated by Jeremy Stephens, Human Focus Client Support Manager:

Golden Hour refers to the immediate actions following an incident.
• Step 1 - evidence gathering by means of physical witness statements documentation.
• Step 2 - managing the scene of the incident, isolation, securing evidence, sketches / plans, photographs, CCTV.
• Step 3 - identifying witnesses, taking witness / injured person statements, recording statements.
3 steps accident investigation evidence collection witness statements sketches

Phase 2

QBE Accident Investigation Course provided by Stuart Marshall, Senior Risk Manager – this face-to-face training further developed the knowledge and understanding provided in the Golden Hour training.

Introduction including the cost of accidents and impacts of personal injury claims and imposed court costs.
Accident Investigation including:
• Step 1 – immediate action, secure the scene and preserve the evidence.
• Step 2 – plan the investigation.
• Step 3 – data collection.
• Step 4 – data analysis.
• Step 5 – corrective actions.
• Step 6 – reporting.
Assessment – the course is assessed by presenting an incident scenario, which enables candidates to analyse the scene / equipment, ask questions, and present their findings to the collective groups.
3 steps accident investigation golden hour qshe quality health safety uk

Health & Safety

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